What Did Those 13 Russians Do Differently than Thousands of Illegal Immigrants?

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Conspiracy to defraud the United States – check

Entered the country illegally – check

Wired money in and out of the country under false names and pretenses – check

Posted on social media under false names and pretended to be something they’re not – check

Formed LLCs and other legal entities to hide their origins – check

Identity theft – check

Foriegn nationals conducting operations with the intent to alter our elections – check

Can Someone Please Explain to Me What These 13 Russians Did that Illegal Immigrants Haven't Done 1,000 Times Over?

I’ll look forward to the answer on this one…

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  1. There really is no difference. They all should be deported. They’ve all broken our laws. I’m suck of both groups and this has to stop ASAP. GIVE EM AN INCH AND THEY TAKE A MILE. THATS THE LAST MILE FOR ME, HOW ABOUT YOU?

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