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There Is An Unelected Element Trying to Control America - We need To Call Them Out For What They Are -

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How To Use This Website & Why You Should

Most people think that politics in the United States is about Republican vs Democrat (or, Conservative vs Liberal, etc.)… It’s not.

The real forces behind American politics play their manipulation games and leave the rest of us to fight it out over things they really don’t care about. The less we know about how things really work, the better it is for them.

A new Ruling Class has emerged in America and it’s about time we started talking about it – and doing something about it. This is something that should concern Democrats and Republicans – it threatens our very freedom.

You will find no conspiracy theories here. Only documented facts and cited references, assembled and explained by StressFreeBill, that will expose the way things really are. You can decide for yourself if you agree – indeed, thinking for yourself is a disappearing critical skill that is threatening our freedom and future.

This website is divided into two blogs described in the boxes below. They can both also be accessed from the main website menu. Below the boxes, you will find the first article that serves as an introduction to the website.

Be warned… StressFreeBill pulls no punches. The simple truths he shares may cause you to question some beliefs you’ve carried your entire life. But if you follow the evidence, and think it through logically, you may find yourself looking at politics differently – and it may start making way too much sense.

If you happen to be one of the growing number of people that already share these insights, then get ready to have some fun… you’re about ready to realize that you’re part of a growing dynamic movement!

P.S. Below each post is a comments section. Feel free to agree or disagree, but bring your A Game to the discussion !!! And don’t forget to sign-up for the newsletter – stay up to date and gain insight on how the Ruling Class views the issues of the day.

Simple Truths

These posts explain how our political culture is controlled – from the media to the bureaucracy to the pundits, and much more. Whether it is to educate your children, help convince a friend, or to deepen your own understanding, this section can be used as fundamental education on how things really work.  It should be considered foundational to understanding current events.

Hot Topics

Once you start looking at current events through the lens of StressFreeBill’s Simple Truths, everything starts making sense. You cannot truly understand how people are trying to manipulate you unless you understand what their motivations are. In this blog, StressFreeBill walks you through all of the Hot Topics of the day and explains the behind the scenes agendas seldom discussed on the nightly news.


It’s Not About Issues – It’s About Freedom


Americans young and old, political or apolitical, liberal or conservative have long felt that we have lost control of our government, that our voice and our vote doesn’t really matter. Some would go as far as to proclaim that the game is rigged, while others (not wanting to sound extreme) claim that it’s not quite that bad, yet scratch their heads when asked how to give more control back to the people…

Here is the truth – the game is rigged.

We’re not talking about crazy ideas of secretive groups like the Trilateral Commission controlling everything. The self-appointed Ruling Class that has been running America for decades doesn’t hold secret meetings or have secret handshakes. They don’t elect officers or vote on an agenda…

What we have is more of a profession-based Ruling Class akin to what the great philosopher Plato called for in his writing, The Republic. Plato advocates for a society where the ‘best and the brightest’ are called on to lead and are then given the legal and moral authority to do so. His is an oligarchical society where the only rights the citizenry hold are those bestowed by their elitist leaders.

In modern times, we have seen many versions of this philosophy lead to disaster. Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Totalitarianism, and the most common version, Socialism (like what we see playing out in Venezuela), have led to more human tragedy than any other forms of government. It can even be argued that Monarchies (having a King and/or Queen) have been relatively kinder to their people than Plato’s vision. Kings have certainly slain fewer people.

In America, however, certain groups of people have come to believe they represent our ‘best and brightest.’ These groups have slowly risen to power and sunk deep roots in their respective institutions. For years, they have run the country by exercising power in their respective professions and/or by manipulating voters to elect politicians they can control through financial support.

They fully believe they know better how to run the country than you, The People, and feel morally justified in subverting your voice. It is important to understand that this sense of superiority gives them full license to ignore the US Constitution and the traditions and history behind it. To them, the ends justify the means and they will wield power over you by any means necessary. Lying to your face is the least of the sins these people are willing to commit to ensure their superior rule over you.

In other words, this self-appointed Ruling Class has come to self-righteously believe Plato was right. The fact that over and over again throughout history Plato’s vision for government has led to misery, slavery, and despair apparently escapes them in their heady hold on power (or, they just don’t care).

They arrogantly believe that they are smarter than you or any others that have come before them – that this time, they can make it work…

Therefore, it is extremely important We The People understand this argument is not about whether the self-appointed Ruling Class has good ideas or not; this war is being fought over what kind of government we will have. Will we have a government Of the People, For the People, and By the People? Or will we allow ourselves to be ruled by a relatively small group of elitists?

No government is perfect. The Federalist style of Representative Democracy the US Constitution gives us is a terrible form of government – it is just far better than any other government in the history of mankind. We have all watched The People collectively call for some stupid things before, but those instances pale in comparison to the atrocities committed by powerful Ruling Classes.

Some have described what is happening in America today as a Soft Coup – it is certainly an attempt to change our form of government.

It is my belief that most people on both sides of this conflict are not bad people – they are simply ignorant. That is not an insult; ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge – and the Ruling Class Intelligentsia is indoctrinating our children in their values while the Ruling Class Media is doing everything it can to keep them ignorant of ours.

In order to shed light on the elitists trying to exercise control over us, this website will refer to them as the self-appointed Ruling Class. You cannot defeat your enemy if you cannot even name your enemy. The professions and organizations making up this Ruling Class are:

The Ruling Class Media The mainstream media has lost all sense of fairness and now proclaims the right to tell us how to think (and vote). They will literally publish and report Fake News they know to be false. They are surrounded by editors and journalism professors that promote this type of journalistic advocacy and, therefore, literally don’t know any better. Their world is a feedback bubble where everyone around them thinks the same way – and anyone in flyover country that thinks differently must be unsophisticated and/or uneducated. They arrogantly believe ‘the masses’  have ‘no clue’ and it is their duty to manipulate us. They place their own chase for clicks and ratings ahead of the country and laugh at those that naively think this to be morally wrong.  Do all media members deserve to be labeled as Ruling Class Media? No, but many do.

Ruling Class Politicians -They say whatever it takes to get elected, then proceed to ignore the will of their constituents. They don’t work for The People; they work for the Ruling Class Oligarchs that can keep them in office. Honesty is an elastic word to them. They have created all kinds of verbiage and legislative rules to give them cover. Elections are not about Democrat vs Republican, they are about the Ruling Class vs outsiders. This is why the Democratic National Committee (DNC) rigged the Primary against Bernie Sanders, and why you had a number of elected Republicans supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. To this day, many Republican Ruling Class politicians only pretend to support our President while actually seeking to undermine him at every turn. They are the definition of putting their own interests ahead of the country. Do all politicians deserve to be labeled as Ruling Class Politicians? No, but many do.

The Ruling Class Bureaucracy -This is the Deep State. Career and politically appointed bureaucrats that create and enforce regulations that fit their vision, regardless of the direction their elected bosses give them. They are confident they know better than you or your representatives what’s good for the country and have recently gone as far as committing felonies by leaking classified information to undermine a duly elected US President. They do not care that these leaks not only hurt our President but literally hurt our country as well. Do all bureaucrats deserve to be labeled as the Ruling Class Bureaucracy? No, but many do.

The Ruling Class Intelligentsia – This group is made up of the self-appointed most intelligent elements in our society. These people generally earn their living by theorizing, not actually doing. They work for Think Tanks, appear as consultants on TV, and populate the ranks of academia, teachers and school administrators. Many of our Ruling Class Media, Ruling Class Politicians, and Ruling Class Judiciary are educated, indoctrinated, and inspired by them. Do everyone in these groups deserve to be labeled as Ruling Class Intelligentsia? No, but many do.

The Ruling Class Judiciary -These are judges that have been indoctrinated to believe that the US Constitution can mean anything they want it to. They literally believe that, as judges, they have the right to change its meaning to reflect their own ‘smarter vision’ for our society. No longer constraining themselves to rule on the constitutionality of a written law, they have now declared themselves to be the arbiter of what elected leaders are thinking; they are now ruling based on what they speculate a leader’s overall policy to be. Are all judges of the Ruling Class Judiciary? No, but many are.

The Ruling Class Oligarchy -This group is made up of CEOs, wunderkind entrepreneurs, K Street lobbyists, Union bosses, and PAC (Political Action Committee) organizers. They use their wealth and influence to manipulate the political system (Think of people like George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg). Do all of these individuals deserve to be labeled as Ruling Class Oligarchs? No, but many do.

Ruling Class Suck-ups – These are people that have gained fame and celebrity and attempt to use it publically in support of the Ruling Class. Their understanding of the issues tends to be shallow, but they are desperate to be seen as proud members of ‘the right crowd’ – think of the ‘popular’ kids in high school. In general, this group is so manipulated they have no idea they are supporting the Ruling Class agenda. Hollywood and professional sports provide most of this group. Do all celebrities deserve to be labeled as Ruling Class Suckups? No, but a whole lot of them do.

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