Thank You, StressFreeBill !!!


“When I was growing up, I never paid much attention to politics because it was boring. It was boring because people either had no opinion on things, or had strong opinions that they couldn’t back up with facts, or they sounded crazy, or they just started insulting some side or the other. It felt like everyone believed in something just because others did too… not because it was what they’d really thought through for themselves.”

Paula S.


Paula S.

Paula is Why I Founded this Site

When Paula was exposed to a few simple truths about how our country and our world works, the lightbulb went on for her! I had a very similar experience with a young man named Cris. All his teachers and friends had been filling his head with stuff that was unimportant.

Once I exposed him to a few simple but undeniable truths his views totally changed. He was able to think for himself and recognize how the system tries to manipulate all of us.

Here is the rest of Paula’s letter…

During High School, I started being exposed to more of these people, but now they were teachers and counselors, people that I was supposed to respect – but it still wasn’t making any sense. I’d try to watch the news but the journalists were just as bad. No one ever really explained anything…

Everyone was basically saying, ‘Trust me – this side is right and this side is wrong.’ Or, ‘Those people are lying; here’s the truth…’

It was disgusting and I ended up not believing any of them.

Then, one day I asked my Uncle, StressFreeBill, a fateful question… The question I asked him was, ‘How can I know who to trust?’

Unlike everyone else, he didn’t try to convince me to think the way he believed, he just opened my eyes to some very simple truths – and everything started making sense!

He explained to me that whether it was about politics, or business, or relationships, or just life in general, you had to know what the motivations were of the people trying to influence you. Without knowing that, he explained, it would be impossible to trust any answer they might give you – no matter how well thought out it was.

So I asked him what his motivations were in talking to me!

With a smile, he told me that he loved me and said that the biggest hope he had for me was that I wouldn’t take his, or anyone else’s word for anything… that I would learn to think for myself.

I then asked him why he paid attention to politics. He told me it was because he loved America. He thought it was the greatest political force for good in the world and wanted to see it continue.


I asked him why everyone wouldn’t want that… and he explained some very simple truths to me. Truths that I can’t believe I was blind to. Truths that make almost everything understandable.

 The world of politics has now opened up for me. I’m not engrossed by it, and I certainly don’t want to make a career around it, but I’m no longer intimidated by it. Now when I hear people talking about politics I usually end up laughing; most of them really don’t understand!

Thank you for opening my eyes, StressFreeBill!

I make no great claims to wisdom; the thoughts I share on this website are simply things I’ve picked up along this journey we call life. I am honored and humbled if these insights have helped people like Paula and Cris – and I hope they have value for you, also.


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